Technical and scientific translations

A technical translation made by a professional is something more than a simple translation: it becomes a real consultancy that joins language skills and skills on the translation topic.

Scientific and technical translations require the knowledge of specific and confined subjects and use a technical language.

In a technical text (standards, patents, manuals, safety data sheets) the choice of the terms is a key. Using a synonym or a different meaning for a term can be a source of mistakes. A technical standard is not a novel. It’s boring in reading but it must be written in a certain way.

Scientific translations not always are directed to a specialized audience, but they can have readers with very different characteristics. If each time we write or translate a document it’s important to keep in mind who’s the reader, in scientific translation this becomes fundamental.

My specializations

By putting my scientific training, linguistic skills, working experiences and continuous development training together, I can offer various technical translation services and other related services.

These are the fields in which I offer technical translation services from and into English, Italian and French:

chemistry materials


occupational health and safety

paper production
industrial processes
oil & gas
medicine & pharmacy medical devices
food & feed
energy & renewable energies cosmetics


I translate the following documents:

      • material safety data sheets (MSDS)
      • patents
      • technical manuals and user’s guides (of lab instruments, medical devices)
      • technical standards
      • technical sheets and product descriptions
      • technical websites
      • training courses
      • documents for quality and environmental systems
      • popular articles for magazines for a wide range of readers
      • articles and essays for specialist magazines
      • websites about topics directed to more or less expert readers
      • textbooks for primary and secondary education or university books
      • essays
      • documents in pharma field, related to research (e.g. protocols and informed consents), to registration (pharma-toxicology dossiers, clinical dossiers, pre-clinical and clinical expertise) and to sell (product leaflets and the like)
      • documents in the medical field, such as clinical trials, product questionnaires, specialized articles, popular articles, website articles

Since some years I also offer technical writing and scientific advisory in Italian, collaborating with both digital and printed scientific advisory newspapers. Beyond practical writing I thoroughly studied writing modes, text types, how to adapt texts on destination public, through training courses and specialist books.


Other services:

      • proofreading: if you have already translated texts and do you need a confirmation about their correctness and conformity,
      • adaptation and simplification: translation of complex texts in texts readable by people inexpert about the subject,
      • scientific consultancy for translation: you are a translator but you are not specialized in my fields or you are a scientific researcher with language doubts and you desire a consultancy to help you in the translation or writing of a text,
      • glossaries creation: I create a list of terms in one or more languages to help you uniform your documents and the communication in your company,


Some technical and scientific translation projects

In my portfolio you can find a detail of text kinds I translated.

Anyway, please do not hesitate to contact me: for a free quote or for more information.