Prices and quotes

In this page I’ll tell you about my prices and I’ll explain you how I prepare my quotes


Each translation project requires an accurate document analysis and leads to a separate quote.

To prepare a quote I need to examine the documents to be translated, you can send them by e-mail in any format you want.
That way I can have an idea about the format, topic and difficulty of the document, about page or word number, and I can see if any picture to be modified are present.
For the quote I will ask you:

  • the format you need for the final text,
  • If you have special needs for delivery,
  • If you want spaced out deliveries (if you have a long document or more than a document to be translated),
  • If you have similar translated documents or you need to keep a particular style or terminology (maybe it’s a request of your company).

The rate starts from a per word or per page base. This base quote considers:

  • the difficulty of the document to be translated,
  • the terminology researches in the subject matter of the document
  • the very translation
  • the proofreading and review, and
  • the document pagination.

At the end of this process you will have a ready-to-use document, which does not require further changes to be used.

Anyway, I suggest you to contact me for a free quote, because each project is different from any other.

Moreover I offer terminology consultancy services on often already translated documents (for example, patents, manuals). These services are counted on a per hour basis.

For any service a surcharge is applied in case of a project to be done urgently (10% increase on the total amount of invoice) or a project that requires to work during weekend (15% increase the total amount of invoice).

If you have any other questions about my rates or how I prepare my quotes, please contact me.