About me

I’m Silvia, I’m a professional translator, a chemist and a technical writer. I have a Master Degree in Chemistry and I translate and write about chemistry, med-pharma and environment.


You say chemistry and you think about a mad scientist busy in mixing concoctions in his lab. Well, I’m a little bit mad: I left behind formulas and tubes and I jumped towards the translation world.

After all, chemistry and translation look alike, in both cases you can see a transformation: of a substance into another one, in the first case, or of a text into another one, into another language, for translation. And in both cases precision is important, for dosing an ingredient or a word, for choosing a compound or the right word.

From chemistry I learned to be rigorous and careful, I learned patience and organization. These are qualities that fit well to translation, where a text may require long and enduring researches, a rigorous language, the ability to fit deadlines and projects for different customers, without neglecting anything.
From these premises, the technical and scientific writing come by themselves, from the love for words and for the science. And from the belief that a well-written text can be read and understood by all people, notwithstanding the topic.

If you share these thinks with me and you decided to entrust your project to me, learn how can I help you.

I help you to communicate your products, processes and inventions thanks to my technical and scientific translation services.

I mainly work for small and medium companies, both Italian and foreigner, in various fields: chemistry, production processes, lab equipment, paper mills, medical devices, pharma field, food companies, cosmetics production, PPE production.

Among my customers you can also find translation agencies, publishers, universities and private research centers, training suppliers and law firms dealing about patents.

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You can find my complete professional Curriculum Vitae on LinkedIn.

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Certificates and professional corporations, groups and associations

Member of the Chemist corporation (Piedmont and Aosta Valley) Card number 2117

 AITI associate member. Card number 218095

With my pro-bono translations I help Translators Without Borders