Here I am: a translator, a chemist and a technical writer

Silvia Barra

I’m Silvia Barra. I’m a chemist and a technical translator and writer. I offer technical translations and communication services (English, French, Italian) for engineering, medical-pharmaceutical and technology companies.


What can I do for you?

I use my scientific and linguistic knowledges to help your company to become international by reducing language and cultural gaps and to improve the internal and external technical communication.


  • I’m Italian mother tongue
  • I translate from English and French into Italian, for translations into English and French please ask me
  • I write mainly in Italian, for English tasks, please ask me
  • I own a Master Degree in Chemistry (specializing in environmental chemistry) and I pursue my continuous professional development by attending training and lessons about translation, writing, chemistry and environment and related fields, marketing and communication.


Chemistry-related working experiences:
My working experiences vary from chemist in analytical laboratory, consultant for the Italian Environmental Agency (ARPA), consultant for quality, environment and health & safety, to quality assistant in various industries (small and large), among them a big paper industry.
I have also great experience as trainer for quality, environment and health&safety related courses.


I work rigorously and reliably, and I take great care about the project I follow. My goal is to deliver a good ready-to-use product to my customers.

As a scientist, I’m aware of the importance of rigorously corrected texts. While writing or translating, I take great care about the exact words choice, as a mistranslated word can change the whole meaning of a document. In the fields I work in (chemistry, engineering, health, safety, medical, pharma) using the right words is a must.


I work mainly for small-medium companies in various fields, among them: chemical, manufacturing, laboratory equipment, paper production, medical devices, pharmaceutical, food companies, cosmetic production, PPEs production.

Among my customers there are also universities and private research companies, educational providers, patent houses, as well as translation agencies

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Benefits of working with a chemist-translator

Only a professional with a scientific background can make your technical documents to be written or translated perfect


I’m a chemist and I worked as a chemist too, so I’m always up to date about technological and environmental news and I can offer rigorous translations with a perfect terminology and that are updated according to state-of-art technology and in force regulations. I have often used myself many chemical instruments, and I have seen various industrial processes, so I know how things work and I better understand documents to translate, also the highly specialized ones.


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