Discover why a good technical writing is useful for you too

Technical manuals, operating procedures or quality documents, product technical sheets, informative material for your customers, training courses for employees.

comunicazione tecnica

If you own even a little company, you surely have to deal with this stuff every day.

And you surely noticed that the quality of these documents is not always the same.

A badly written manual or an imprecise technical sheet, a brochure for introducing your product with difficult sentences, all give your company a bad name, and create issues due to a bad communication.


That is why a well-made technical communication is useful for you and your company:

  • a better visibility than your competitors,
  • lower risk of issues or claims,
  • the evidence you take care about your customers and suppliers.

una comunicazione tecnica senza nubi per la tua azienda

Technical writers have deep knowledge of the topics they write about, a good knowledge of the language they use, and above all they are able to adapt language and style to the kind of document and to the reader. Technical writers use text processors similar to those translators use: that means consistent texts during time, a precise terminology management and that your manuals and documents comply to Directives and standards about safety and equipment requirements.


I can help you writing and editing all useful documents for your company, both documents for internal use and addressed to your customers and suppliers.

Please find below my technical writing services:

  • I write operating manuals for instruments and equipment that comply with in force standards and laws (safety, Directive on machinery, etc
  • I write product technical sheets, brochures and descriptions
  • I write operating procedures, quality procedures, documents for quality systems, environmental and safety procedures
  • I create training courses for your employees (reports, slides) about chemistry and safety issues


Do you need my help? Do you have some questions about technical writing or about how I work? Do you need a free quote? Please contact me and tell me what you need.