My portfolio of technical translations

Some of my last projects in technical translation:

  • translation and proofreading EN>IT and FR>IT of many patents about chemistry and biochemistry and in oncology field (about 12-14 k words each – 3-5 patents per month);
  • translation EN>IT, IT>EN, FR>IT and IT>FR of more than 80 Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) of chemical products;
  • translation EN>IT of various documents about medical devices for wound management (product presentations, training documents for technicians and marketing, technical sheets, brochures);
  • translation EN>IT of user manuals and maintenance manuals for laboratory and industrial  instruments


For more details, please find my complete portfolio.


MSDS and related documents (e.g. exposure scenarios) according to REACH requirements, commercial presentations, technical documents, documents about laboratory instruments (technical manuals, audit documents, brochures, press releases, newsletters), technical standards, scientific reports, analysis methods, brochures about chemical products, paper review, terminology consultancy


Medical equipment (brochures, technical manuals – more than 400k words since 2011), medical documents and certificates, medicine reports, product surveys, product presentations

Main fields: oncology (about 50k words in last year), cardiology, surgery, first aid, neurodegenerative diseases, healthcare, injuries management (more than 60k words in last 3 years)

INDUSTRY (pharma-chemical, paper, mechanical industry – waste management)

Brochures, websites, technical manuals, risk management, occupational safety, safety equipment (technical manuals), product technical sheets, press releases, customer presentations, newsletters, technical and marketing documents for paper field, product specifications


Chemistry and industrial chemistry, immunochemistry, food and food technology, medical, surfactants, biochemistry, materials, electrochemistry, textiles, patents proofreading, terminology consultancy

ENERGY (petrochemistry, renewable energies, nuclear, photovoltaic, eolic)

Technical standards (ASTM, EN, UNI, CEC), training manuals for petrochemical field, websites, technical manuals, reports, brochures about renewable energies


PILs, EMEA’s documents (both for human and veterinary drugs), product surveys, product presentations, agreements about clinical trials, clinical trials


Brochures, newsletters, technical manuals for environmental devices (waste, emissions, waste water, filters), environmental standards, documents for environmental certification bodies, documents about waste management.


Technical sheets, instructions for use, product presentations, brochures, newsletters, websites.


Website for a company producing analysis products for food and feed, articles for specialized magazines, quality standards in the food field, product technical sheets for animal feed, agriculture websites, documents about machines for food and agriculture operations, manuals and technical sheets for food analysis instruments, guidelines for wine field, food analysis methods