In this page you can find the answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about translation, my working mode and payment practices

Domande frequenti FAQ

Which languages do you translate into?

Since I’m Italian mother tongue, I mainly translate into Italian. Specifically, I translate from English and French into Italian. I can offer translation services from and into other languages, thanks to a network of trustful colleagues and professional translators. Moreover, if you need translations into English or French, I can work with an English or French mother tongue colleague for a proofreading and correction of my translation.

I translate Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) from Italian into English and French too. The reason is why the sentences on safety sheets are very standardized and they do not require particular proofreading by foreign mother tongue professionals.

How much do I pay a translation?

Each project requires an accurate analysis of documents and brings to a different quote.

To give you an idea, a standard MSDS according to REACH (about 2000-3000 words) will cost you from about 200 to 400 EUR; a patent of 15 pages costs about 450 EUR; translating a technical standard (e.g. UNI, ASTM, EN, etc.) for internal use will cost about 1000 EUR.

Moreover I offer terminology consultancy services on documents often already translated (for example, patents, and manuals). For these services I ask an hourly fee.

What does you fee include?

My fee is based on a word or page fee. This basic fee accounts for the difficulty of the document to be translated, the terminology researches needed in the relevant fields, the very translation, the proofreading and editing and of the document pagination. At the end of this whole process (research, translation, proofreading, editing and pagination) you will have a ready-to-use document, which does not require any other changes for its use.

The basic fee is multiplied by the number of words/pages the text is made of. If your text has many similar or equal sentences, the final price can be lower. In fact, thanks to CAT tools (Computer-Aided Tools), I can guarantee a consistent translation throughout the document and the same sentences are translated in an equal way and almost automatically. This allows speeding up my job and so you will receive your translated document earlier and at a lower price.

On the contrary, the price may go up if documents are difficult to edit (for example a printed document versus a Word file). In this case the quote will be made on the final translated text so I can’t take advantage of similar or equal sentences.

I apply a surcharge if you need your translation urgently (+10% on the total of invoice) or if I have to work during weekends to complete your translation (+15% on the total of invoice).

What are your terms of payment?

I ask a 30% advance on the total price before starting the project.

I issue regular invoice at the end of the project. For customers who live in Italy the fee agreed in the quote requires VAT and other taxes. For extra-Italy customers, the fee stated in the quote has no surcharges due to VAT and other taxes.

Saldo Payments are to be made within 30 days from the date of the invoice, unless otherwise agreed in the quote.

I accept wire transfers and PayPal.

How much time do you need to translate…?

The translation includes a first step of document reading and terms researching, the real translation step, a step of proofreading and editing and the final pagination step. Moreover, I’m usually already working on other projects so I can stick 100% on your project immediately. When I prepare you a quote, according to the kind of document to be translated, its length and my on-going projects, I can give you the exact date of delivery for your translated document.

Anyway, to give you an idea:

– standard MSDS according to REACH: 2 working days

– patent with 15 pages: 4-5 working days

– technical standard (UNI, ASTM, EN, etc.) for internal use: 6-7 working days

How do you make the quote?

To give you a detailed quote (as for price and delivery date) I need to examine all documents to be translated. Based on my experience, on text difficulty, the customer’s needs and on any already on-going projects, I send you a detailed quote stating the total price and the delivery date.

The quoting process is free and not binding.

I also assure you I will manage your documents with the greatest care as of confidentiality and privacy, even if you will reject my quote.

Ask me for a free quote. I will answer you within 24 hours.