Technical translations

A technical translation made by a professional is something more than a simple translation: it becomes a real consultancy that joins language skills and skills on the translation topic.

In a technical text (standards, patents, manuals, safety data sheets) the choice of the terms is a key. Using a synonym or a different meaning for a term can be a source of mistakes. A technical standard is not a best seller novel. It’s boring in reading but it must be written in a certain way.
The same is for the style. The style is impersonal, generally (referring to standards, instructions, manuals) with infinitive verbs and often short and linear sentences.
Translation – especially technical translation – is not a creative kind of writing.

 My specialisations

By putting my scientific training, linguistic skills, working experiences and continuous development training together, I can offer various technical translation services and other related services.

These are the fields in which I offer technical translation services from and into English, Italian and French:

chemistry materials


occupational health and safety

paper production
industrial processes
oil & gas
medicine & pharmacy medical devices
food & feed
energy & renewable energies  cosmetics


I translate the following documents:

material safety data sheets (MSDS)


scientific papers


technical manuals and user’s guides

technical sheets

technical standards

training courses

quality documents

certification documents press releases brochures
EMA documents
PILs and SPCs clinical trials
product descriptions and labels    


Other services:

  • proofreading: if you have already translated texts and do you need a confirmation about their correctness and conformity,
  • adaptation and simplification: translation of complex texts in texts readable by people inexpert about the subject,
  • scientific consultancy for translation: you are a translator but you are not specialized in my fields or you are a scientific researcher with language doubts and you desire a consultancy to help you in the translation or writing of a text,
  • glossaries creation: I create a list of terms in one or more languages to help you uniform your documents and the communication in your company,
  • documents alignment for the creation of translation memories: if you already have documents in two or more languages, I can create some files of translation memories usable with computer-aided translation software to speed up your subsequent translations and make you save your money.

My working method

A badly written manual, an imprecise technical sheet, a product presentation brochure with difficult and twisted sentences put your company and your activity in a bad light, and also create issues due to a bad communication. If in some texts the translator’s freedom as for vocabulary and style is higher, in technical texts it disappears completely, still needing to produce a readable and user-understandable text.

For that reason, it’s better to always rely on a professional translator, who other than knowing the specific terminology, is able to recognize the style of the text and knows how to make it suitable for the target reader.
Another reason why it’s important to rely on subject matter expert translators is that a translator knowing the subject is able to find any mistakes in the source text and correct them in the translated text with full knowledge. In that way she/he avoids to propagate the mistake throughout the translation, avoids sometimes serious issues for the customer and provides the customer with a professional service going behind the mere translation.

Thanks to my double professionalism, I can guarantee a correct and appropriate translation, suitable for the context and for the readers, compliant with any official standards and laws, typical, for example, of pharmaceutical (EMA), chemical (REACH) and sometimes technical (Machine Directive) fields.

I can translate about 2000 words per day, even if the word number varies on many factors, such as the need for researches, text difficulty, the presence of very technical terms or repeated parts.
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If what you read is not enough and you want the guarantee to work with a reliable professional, you can read the feedback by some customers that chose my services.


Some technical translation projects

In my portfolio you can find a detail of text kinds I translated.

Anyway, please do not hesitate to contact me: for a free quote or form more information.

I’m sure that a professional should work in an open way, without hiding anything to the customers. It’s a way of reciprocal respect.