Translation of scientific papers

Knowing fundamental principles and notions about the topic of the document to be translated is of key importance in every field, particularly for what concerns scientific papers, which are often very specialized.
A scientific paper very often has an influence on a researcher’s career, it modifies his assessment index, it allows him to gain access to funding or grants.

An article designed for the vast public is important both for the review on which it is published and for the reader willing to understand a perhaps difficult topic.

In the field of scientific articles is really fundamental to avoid spreading of fake news, so an accurate source research is needed, even if it is a translation of an already written article.

Finally, an article, more than other kinds of texts, must be extremely accurate, respect the author’s style, but also seem “natural” as it was written in the target language and not only translated.

My specialisations

With a master degree in chemistry and about ten years of experience in the field of technical and scientific translations, I developed a rich store of knowledge in the scientific fields of interest.

Further, for professional development, but also for amusement, I read scientific articles in Italian, in English and French every day. So I learned how to recognize best texts from the point of view of style and terminology, based on the different kinds of readers.

I can translate scientific articles in the following fields:

  • chemistry
  • environment
  • industrial and materials fields
  • occupational health & safety
  • medicine
  • pharmacology
  • toxicology
  • biology & biochemistry

My working method

Other than my scientific knowledge and training in the field of scientific and technical communication, thanks to the internet and social media I’m always up-to-date about news and topics in the field of scientific advisory.

For each translation, I perform deep research, also at official organizations and bodies.

I can translate about 2000 words per day, even if the word number varies on many factors, such as the need for research, text difficulty, the presence of very technical terms or repeated parts.
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If what you read is not enough and you want the guarantee to work with a reliable professional, you can read the feedback from some customers that chose my services.

Some scientific articles translation projects

Until now I performed translations of academic scientific articles and of articles for publishing on popular magazines. You can visit my portfolio, which is continuously updated, or you can directly ask me.