Scientific translations: chemical, medical and pharmaceutical translations

Scientific translation belongs to the wider field of technical translation; it’s a specific field which deals about scientific topics translation. The vast majority of scientific documents is written in English, the official language of scientific community. However, documents often require a translation into other languages, also into Italian.

Scientific translations require the knowledge of specific and localized topics and use a technical language. Many scientific translators own a master degree in a science-related field.

Scientific translations not always are directed to a specialized audience, but they can have readers with very different characteristics.

If each time we write or translate a document it’s important to keep in mind who’s the reader, in scientific translation this becomes fundamental. Readers with different knowledge require the use of a language sometimes very different.

A single term can have more or less technical equivalents, and the audience to which the document is directed will suggest which one to choose.
Finally, technical texts have standardized linguistic formulas (think for example about safety data sheets or math demonstrations), which require a translation with equally standardized sentences.

My specialisations

These are scientific documents I translate

  • Material safety data sheets

  • popular articles for magazines for a wide range of readers
  • articles and essays for specialist magazines
  • websites about topics directed to more or less expert readers
  • textbooks for primary and secondary education or university books
  • essays
  • documents in pharma field, related to research (e.g. protocols and informed consents), to registration (pharma-toxicology dossiers, clinical dossiers, pre-clinical and clinical expertise) and to sell (product leaflets and the like)
  • documents in the medical field, such as clinical trials, product questionnaires, specialized articles, popular articles, website articles

Due to my training and professional experience, I focused on some issues and kinds of scientific documents, so that I can offer you an accurate translation respecting both the original text and target audience.

I know very well field terminology and I know where and how to perform the research needed for my work.

Since some years I also offer technical writing and scientific advisory in Italian, collaborating with both digital and printed scientific advisory newspapers. Beyond practical writing I thoroughly studied writing modes, text types, how to adapt texts on destination public, through training courses and specialized books.

Above all, in scientific articles translation it’s important that the text seems written from the begin and not translated from another language. It must have a pleasant and appealing style, still remaining complete and precise as for information it provides.

I can translate up to 2500 words per day, even if the word number varies on many factors, such as the need of research, text difficulty, the presence of very technical terms or repeated parts.
To have more detailed information about translation of scientific documents, I suggest you to visit the FAQ page.


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Some scientific translation projects

If you prefer to have a direct idea about my scientific translation projects, you can find them in the portfolio.

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