Prices and quotes

In this page I’ll tell you about my prices and I’ll explain you how I prepare my quotes


Each translation project requires an accurate document analysis and leads to a separate quote.

To prepare a quote I need to examine the documents to be translated, you can send them by e-mail in any format you want. That way I can have an idea about the format, topic and difficulty of the document, about page or word number, and I can see if any picture to be modified are present.
In the quoting step I will ask you which format do you prefer for the final text, whether you have special needs for the delivery date, you prefer staggered deliveries (if you have more than one document or a very long document to be translated), you already have similar translated documents or do you need to keep a special style or terminology (maybe according to your company’s requirements).

The rate starts from a per word or per page base. This rate keeps into account the difficulty of document to be translated, the terminology research needed in the text field, the real translation, the proofreading and quality review and the layout of the document. At the end of all research-translation-proofreading-quality review-layout process, you will have a ready-to-use document, which does not require further changes to be used.

The base rate is multiplied by the word/page number that forms the text to be translated (per source word/page rate). If the text has many equal or similar sentences, the final price can be lower. In fact, thanks to the use of Computer-Assisted Translation tool (CAT tools), I can guarantee a consistent translation throughout the document and equal sentences will be translated in an identical and nearly automatic way. This implies that I work faster and so you will receive your translated document in less time and at a lower price.

On the contrary, the rate can raise compared to base rate if documents are difficult to process (for example, a paper document instead of a file). In this case (paper document) the word count will be made on the final translated document and it will not be possible to use equal or similar sentences.

To give you an idea, a standard REACH-compliant MSDS (about 2000-3000 words) will cost from 200 to 400 EUR (but if you have many similar MSDS, thanks to CAT tools the final price can be a lot lower); a 15 pages patent will cost about 450 EUR; if you need to translate a technical standard (e.g. UNI, ASTM, EN, etc.) for internal use, this will cost about 900 EUR.
Anyway, I suggest you to contact me for a free quote, because each project is different from any other.

Moreover I offer terminology consultancy services on often already translated documents (for example, patents, manuals). These services are counted on a per hour basis.


For any service, a surcharge is applied in case of a project to be done urgently (10% increase on the total amount of invoice) or a project that requires to work during weekend (15% increase the total amount of invoice).


If you have any other questions about my rates or how I prepare my quotes, please contact me.