It’s easy to say “I’m the best” or “Hire me”.
Surely you want to have a more precise idea of the jobs I made and that I can do, you want to know whether I can help you and what the result will be.

Below you can find some examples of the technical translations and scientific translations I deal with.

Contact me for any questions or request for specific documents. For privacy reasons I can not publish all projects I made, but we can speak about what you need.

Technical translations


Chemistry and industrial chemistry, materials (steel, paper, plastic), immunochemistry, food and food technology, medical field, detergents and surfactants, biochemistry, electrochemistry, patent proofreading, terminology consultancy


Brochure, newsletter, technical manuals for environmental devices (waste management, emissions, waste waters, filters), environmental standards, documents for environmental certification bodies, documents related to waste management


(chemical-pharmaceutical, paper production, steel industry and metallurgy, waste management)
Brochure, websites, technical manuals, risk management and occupational health & safety, safety devices (technical manuals), product technical sheets, press releases, presentations for customers, newsletters, technical and commercial documents in the paper production field, product specifications


(oil and gas, renewable energies, nuclear, photovoltaic, eolian)
Technical standards (ASTM, UNI, EN, CEC), training manuals in petrochemical field, websites, technical manuals, papers, brochures on renewable energies


Technical sheets, instructions for use, websites, brochures and product technical documents, newsletters


Website of a multinational company producing analytical kits in the food and feed field, papers for company magazines, quality standards in the food field, technical sheets for feed products, websites in the agriculture field, documents about machines for food processing, manuals and technical sheets for instruments in the food field, oenology field specifications, methods for food analysis

Scientific translations

CHEMISTRY translations

Material safety data sheets (MSDS) and related documents (e.g. exposure scenario) according to REACH Regulation, commercial presentations, technical documents, laboratory instruments documents (technical manuals, audit reports, brochures, press releases, newsletters), technical standards, scientific papers, analysis methods, brochures of chemical products, proofreading of scientific papers, terminology consultancy

MEDICAL translations

Medical devices (brochures, technical manuals, more than 500k words since 2011), medical documents and certificates, medicine papers, product questionnaires, product presentations

Main fields: oncology (more than 40k words in last year), cardiology, surgery, first aid, neurodegenerative diseases, health system, wounds management (more than 80k words in last 3 years)

For Translators Without Borders I voluntary translate medicine texts from English into Italian.

PHARMA translations

Product Information Leaflets (PIL), EMA documents (both human and veterinary drugs), product questionnaires, product presentations, agreements for clinical trials, clinical trials