Chemist, translator and technical & scientific writer

I deal with technical and scientific translation and communication.

In Italian, English and French.

I’m a chemist, a technical translator and a technical and scientific writer.

I offer technical and scientific translation services and I write technical documents.

Thanks to my services I meet your needs to have a lean and correct communication within your company, and a professional and serious image towards your customers and suppliers, in Italy and abroad.

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Technical-scientific translations and communication

Are you a small-medium business with foreign customers and suppliers? Do you want to expand your business in other Countries?

I can be the unique interlocutor for all technical and scientific documents in your company. In Italian, English and French

My services:

Technical translations

Are you a translation agency?

Thanks to my scientific background, I can offer you a professional translation service which is also a consultancy in the chemistry, pharma and biomedical fields. I join my linguistic, scientific and writing knowledge to offer you an all-round service and a clear and effective writing ability, whatever the final reader.

My services in Italian, English and French:


What I offer:

– A particular and specific service while widely customisable to meet the needs of every customer

Professionalism and reliability: a sound set of knowledge with a continuous updating

Confidence and assurance: you will receive a ready-to-use document for your business, always on time

Honesty: it’s against my professional ethic to propose you useless, too expensive or not feasible solutions


Enter and get in touch with my experience and professionalism and with the services I can offer you.

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