Did you ever think about the travel your company’s texts go, meeting customers, suppliers, investors? Try to imagine what it could happen when these texts are bad translated, contain mistakes or can be misunderstood. This infographic helps you understand what the final could be.

For that reason it is important to rely on serious and qualified specialized translators. Each translated word represents your company and is also a value for your company.

My working method

A badly written manual, an imprecise technical sheet, a product presentation brochure with difficult and twisted sentences put your company and your activity in a bad light, and also create issues due to a bad communication.

For that reason, it’s better to always rely on a professional translator, who other than knowing the specific terminology, is able to recognize the style of the text and knows how to make it suitable for the target reader.
Moreover, a qualified translator who well knows the subject is able to find any mistakes in the source text and to correct them in the translated text, knowledgeably. In that way she/he avoids to propagate the mistake throughout the translation, avoiding sometimes serious issues for the customer and provides the customer a professional service going behind the mere translation.

Thanks to my double professionalism I can guarantee a translation that is:

  • correct and appropriate,
  • fitting the context and the readers,
  • compliant with any official standards that are typical for example of pharmaceutical field (EMA), chemical field (REACH) and sometimes technical field (the Machine Directive).

Other than my scientific knowledge and training, thanks to internet and social media I’m always up-to-date about news and issues in this field.
I also attend training courses and meeting related to environment, so that I can offer to my customers a high-level service.

For each translation I perform detailed research, also at official organizations and bodies.

I can translate about 2000 words per day, even if the word number varies on many factors, such as the need of researches, text difficulty, the presence of very technical terms or repeated parts.
For more detailed information, I suggest you to visit the FAQ page.